The Faeryn weren't always wingless creatures.
There was a time when they resembled fairies so closely, it was hard to tell the two species apart.
The Faeryn and fairies were very competitive with each other and as the years past, the competitions grew more and more ugly.

One day, the fairies stole the Faeryn king's dagger and fled into the
Downs. The Faeryn gave chase, but before they could get the king's dagger back, the fairies dropped it down the chimney of a witch's shack.
The fairies laughed and flew away.

The Faeryn king and several of his guards attempted to retrieve the dagger with magic and without disturbing the witch, but she woke up and assumed the Faeryn were trying to steal from her. One of the king's guards snatched up the dagger, as the witch placed a curse on them all. Their wings shriveled and fell off. The Faeryn were left flightless.Their hatred for the fairies grew tenfold, but without their wings they would not seek revenge. They moved deeper into the forest and became reclusive.

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