Renny Scrine grew up in a magical family, unfortunately he never developed any magical abilities of his own. He was never treated any less by the Scrine family though,
instead he was encouraged to find something he was truly good at.
It turned out that Renny had a way with animals.  As a young man, he traveled and learned all he could about the creatures and animals he came in contact with.
That's not to say there weren't dangerous moments. For instance, there was that one time he encountered a very hungry goblin who had just escaped from an auction at Grimhold Market or the orgre that wanted nothing more than to squash Renny for waking him up during his mid morning nap. But, it was the gift of friendship from his great grandfather's bayard, Leofwin, that taught Renny more than he ever thought
possible. Leofwin and Renny's relationship grew and they are tighter than ever to this day.

Find more in the Max Hamby series.
Books 1 – 5 out now. Boxed set available!

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