Once a year, when the harvest moon is at its brightest, the pixies gather together to celebrate Rumble Night. Rumble Night is similar to Mischief Night, but kept solely in the confines of the Downs. No mischief is made, but it is the one time of year when all creatures, great and small,come together in wild merriment. There are bonfires, dancing, contests and of course,it wouldn't be Rumble Night without an occasional fight breaking out (or five.) Any disagreement can usually be soothed by throwing a pint of Peppered Pomegranate Ale down each creature's throat. It is an extremely hot drink and results in a frenzied search for water. The pixies favor this drink, because it makes them burp fire. It is always a good time had by all.The revelers make such a rucus that the Downs rumble until just before dawn. They head home, arm in arm, with promises of a bigger and better Rumble Night next year.


*WARNING* Humans are not invited to Rumble Night and it is advised that they stay away. If one decides to sneak a peek, you do so at your own risk. Some have tried and never returned.


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