Celebration FREEBIE!!
Celebration FREEBIE!!
For those of you that missed it earlier, book 6 is complete and edits are just getting started. That means, it's not long now until Max Hamby and the Amethyst Guardian is available. Celebrate with me!! In honor of completing book 6, Max Hamby and the Blood Diamond (book 1) is up on Instafreebie. It's a great sight to grab some great reads. You can get my full length novel for FREE. Go grab a copy. :D Tell your friends. Reviews are always appreciated.
Just click the link below or copy and paste. It'll open a new window to my author profile on Instafreebie. Click the claim button for your free copy of Max Hamby and the Blood Diamond. (You might have to sign in or create an account, but it's all good.)
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