Good Morning, lovely people. 


Happy Saturday! #Coffee...lots of #coffee.


First snowfall of the season between today and tomorrow.

Bah! Not into the cold, snow, shoveling. I admit it, I am a big baby whiner when it comes to all that. lol. 


How are you? All good, I hope. Can you believe there's just about two weeks left till Christmas? Holy cow, that's quick, right? I have not done any Christmas shopping at all and will probably do a bit at the last minute. That will be crazy, but can't be helped. 


What about the rest of you? Well, whether you celebrate Christmas, other holiday or not at all, I'm sending you loads of positive of vibes, peace, prayers and or hugs...whatever is needed. You got it.


I've got the perfect distraction to take away all the holiday craziness right here. Go check out my books.

The series makes a great gift for yourself, family or friends. Stuck inside? It's a fun read; full of magic, witches, trolls, dwarfs, pixies and lots more. You knew I was gonna through in the tidbit about my books, didn't ya? ;)


Have a wonderful day. #ReadIndie


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