Good Morning, everyone.

Happy Wednesday.

I hope your day is a great one.
Lots of #amediting for me and possibly some #amwriting.
I've got to get book 7 & the first book of another series
typed into the computer. They're not finished, but at least
the manuscripts will be set up for when they are.

I leave you with another quote from Alice this AM.
She is terribly creepy & her back story is quite mysterious,
but she is quite an interesting character. She knows far
more than she lets on, though no one truly listens to her
until it's too late.


Alice skipped around him with the doll trailing behind her. "Little goblin, oh so sad. A lesson is needed. You've been bad. Your son is fine. Have no fear. To the Amethyst Guardian. The end is near." She threw the disk. It stopped with a boom that rocked the


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