All the characters in the Max Hamby series are fun to write, but there is one that has a little something more. Alice is weird, creepy, kind of scary and very intriguing. In editing that last few chapters of book 6, I came across the little tidbit below. Alice is quite random. You never know what she will say or do next. The following quote is when she is lets the shapeshifters know what is going to happen to them if they don't join the fight against evil. ________________________________________


She tilted her head and touched each shifter on the knee. "Little shifters refuse to fight. They are no more. Out of sight. So greedy. So selfish and oh so bad. Now they're gone and no one is sad.



This may be a children's series, but it's packed with enough fantasy, action, adventure and humor for all ages. If you're up for a new read, book 1 is 99¢. Give it a go or tell a friend. It's always appreciated. Have a wonderful day everyone. May it be a good one for you and yours. #addalittlemagic #read #mglit #ebook #epub #family #kidlit #love #blog #blogger #love #review #mustread #childrensbooks #library